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...In the Space of Art like a Small Mound of Sugar
an interview with Jiri Kovanda, 2007

Excerpts from a discussion with Jiri Kovanda which took place in Prague on 11 November 2007. Interpreter : Stéphane Corbet. These fragments were taken from the words of Jiri Kovanda or from my words.
A proposal by Guillaume Désanges

your life ?

a surprise,

the 1970s

some misunderstandings

priorities have changed

a question of weight and importance among things

understandable for all. It was like that

deep and intimate things more than

a personal scale

merely a superficial organisation of relationships

occasionally to threaten

able to exist

individually : what will be, how it develops

simply an experience of reality

more or less the same forms

the heart of the matter,

merely utopia.

Chris Burden, Vito Acconci

perhaps more radical than me.

Humour, irony are things


provocative. Shifts

Yes, exactly that

not perceptible, better

a game.


as an individual ? If we unwound

in the space of art like a small mound of sugar

the order of provocation, but

entered by force into my personal space

not seriously, even if

That has changed, of course,

an artist’s status ?


the worse and the most dangerous.

a reproduction of Van Gogh

I don’t want to become used to my work

bon-bons into bags

that is an intrusion. I also think

something dangerous.

Kissing trough a Glass,

a principle of desire.

it is a kiss, but in fact

proper behaviour. I would not use

lip marks on the glass,

not "pure and clean".

one does not look straight into people’s eyes

the boundary of what is usually allowed. It is like that

a place of movement without deviations,

coexistence without communication,

closeness without contact.

that is very true,

but it will never be achieved,

a voluntary act of two people. Like a kiss,

voluntary failure.


two sides of the same thing.

not just a fun game.

And if yes, for how long ?

long enough to elicit a response

the symbolism of the gesture itself

the maximum visual or conceptual effect with a minimum of resources.


Yes, absolutely,

the most ordinary, most accessible

conceptual art

nothing other than my person.

already an existence

the boundary between art and life

visibility, frugality, acceptance,

not an attitude ?

I have never doubted that it was art,

personal, very profound

I think that’s enough.