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Curated Session #1 : The Dora Garcia files
Perez Art Museum, Miami, 2014

A project by Guillaume Désanges in collaboration with Dora García*

Perez Art Museum, Miami, january-march 2014
Thursday January 30th, 10 am – 9 pm
Exhibition on view until March 3rd 2014

This innovative project proposes to curate a show in one day in a performative format. Paris-based independent Curator Guillaume Désanges, who has been in residence at PAMM for the month of January, invited Spanish artist Dora Garcia to publicly brainstorm with him about thematics in her work. They will then immediately formalize their ideas using documents, images, texts, words, and objects articulated on the gallery walls. The result of this live research is an exhibition, or a diagram for an exhibition, something between the actual show, its catalogue, and its working notes ; a way to experiment with curatorial practice in a mode of emergency, spontaneity and collective intelligence. The project aims at constructing a critical show on the relationship between art and knowledge, focusing on radical marginality in psychiatry, politics and artistic creation. The audience is invited to attend this public experiment throughout the day. Questions and reactions are welcome.

Download the text "Curating in a state of emergency"

PDF - 9.5 ko

Program of films by Dora Garcia in the exhibition :
- Extermination, 2009 (20’)
- The Deviant Majority (from Basaglia to Brazil), 2010 (35’)
- The Joycean Society, 2013 (23’)

Photos : Katerina Llanes / PAMM Museum, Miami

(’*Paying tribute to Michel François’ "Théâtre des opérations" (2004) for the inspiration of the layout).