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Guillaume Désanges / 8 rue Perdonnet 75010 Paris, France

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Guillaume Désanges is a free-lance curator and art critic, founder and director of Work Method, a Paris based agency for artistic projects. He organizes international exhibitions projects and lectures.

Latest projects : Concrete Erudition (2009-2011, Le Plateau-Frac Ile-de France, Paris) ; Wander (2011, Centre Pompidou Metz) ; Amazing ! Clever ! Linguistic !, An Adventure in Conceptual Art (2013, Generali Foundation, Vienna, Austria) ; Gestures of the mind (La Verrière, Brussels) ; "A Universal Exhibition, documentary section (Louvain-la-Neuve biennale, Belgium, 2013).

Guillaume Désanges est critique d’art et commissaire d’exposition. Il dirige Work Method, structure indépendante de production. Il développe internationalement des projets d’expositions et de conférences.

Derniers projets : Concrete Erudition (2009-2011, Le Plateau-Frac Ile-de France, Paris) ; Erre (2011, Centre Pompidou Metz, avec Hélène Guenin) ; Amazing ! Clever ! Linguistic !, An Adventure in Conceptual Art (2013, Generali Foundation, Vienne, Autriche) ; Des gestes de la pensée (La Verrière, Brussels) ; Un exposition universelle, section documentaire (Louvain-la-Neuve biennale, Belgique, 2013).



in Prague

at Tranzit Display, Prague.

08.06.2015 - 27.09.2015

with works from : Philippe Artières, Bérurier Noir, Werner Bischoff, Claude Blanchet, Gérard Bloncourt, Vladimír Boudník, Michele Colléry & Anaïs Prosaïc, Abouda Djouhra & Alain Bonnamy, Miroslav Fišák, Michel Fleurmont, Alva Hajn, Chris Marker, Mohamed Mazouni, Jean-Luc Moulène, F.W. Murnau, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Vilém Reichmann, Matthieu Saladin, Sadaoui Salah, João Silvério Trevisan, Philippe Truchet, Marie Voignier, Nil Yalter, Orhan Taylan, Yusuf Taktak, Canan Çoker, etc.

“Ma’aminim, the believers” unfolds a free montage of movies, posters, artworks as well as militant devices, ranging between idealist impulses and crepuscular visions.
Drawing on French local public and private collections (The department of Saint-Denis, the French communist Party and other political archives), and enhanced by some outside sources, the exhibition strives to feature, literally and metaphorically, a kind of regular swing of the pendulum of revolutionary energies in the time of history. With references ranging from past struggles to flocks of migrant birds, from history’s blind spots to its fixed points, from politics to poetics, this loose association is charged with a feeling of anxiety, like a "dreadful omen", between fever and dusky attitude.

The “believers” here are political believers, those who struggle for an ideal and aim at changing the world through collective action. Those who, generation after generation, dare to take the risk to confront reality through the creation of forms. Those who dream the future by inventing critical objects that directly echo back to their present.

The exhibition includes a special cut of extracts of militant films from the 60’s an 70’s looped in a regime of repetition, refrain (ritournelle) and obstinacy of images. It is articulated according to several recurrent steps : seeing, protesting, fighting, living together, coming back, being disillusioned, etc… Nevertheless, this endless loop of political struggle is not shut on itself, because the return is never definite, and never exactly back at its original point. Instead, let’s bet that this dynamic of flow and reflow of history might nourish a battery of eternal political energy.

Curated by Guillaume Désanges
assisted by Marine Eric and Cybèle Mavrokordopoulou

More information and a video lecture by the curator of the exhibition Guillaume Désanges at :

at LA VERRIÈRE, Brussels

22.05.15 - 25.07.15

Curated by Guillaume Désanges

Free entrance

La Verrière / 50 boulevard de Waterloo - 1000 Brussels
Monday to saturday 11 a.m to 6 p.m.


First residence period : 1-22 April 2015 (Preparation journey by Guillaume Désanges)

Press Release : Working with the Rebuild Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by artist Theaster Gates in 2010, Guillaume Désanges conceived the idea of the French Pavilion, a collaborative project supported by the Foundation, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the Institut francais and Expo Chicago Art Fair, in the vibrant context of Chicago’s South Side. The aim of the Pavilion is to create an innovative platform based at Rebuild Foundation for short-term residencies of artists, curators, historians, cultural planners, critics, architects and others. The Pavilion will be dedicated to emerging, challenging and speculative programming that benefits those invited to participate in the residency program, and is intended to inspire, support and integrate the communities in which it is located. Aiming to go beyond the international standards of contemporary art, the Pavilion seeks to participate in a growing movement among contemporary artists living across Chicago’s South Side, who themselves are supported by a rich and dynamic network of institutions.

at LA VERRIÈRE, Brussels

02.10.15 - 05.12.15

Curated by Guillaume Désanges

Free entrance

La Verrière / 50 boulevard de Waterloo - 1000 Brussels
Monday to saturday 11 a.m to 6 p.m.